Our way of work

Selection of all the products directly from the its place of origin

Best criteria

Our experience in the industry grant us the knowledge to select the best fishes within the fishing areas, in order to elaborate the best products.

Product delivery

Fresh, high-quality

We take pride at the quality assurance product control, complying with all the health and safety standards, including temperature-controlled supply chain. After the product is delivered at our premises, we thoughtfully review the quality and condition.

Cleansed, gutted fish

Patience and skill

As our ancestors did, the whole process is carried out manually, thus preserving all the features of the product. Whole gutted fish, central bone and head off, totally cleansed. Every step done con water to lower the salt levels and preparing the final product for its consumption.

Selection and manual packaging

Traditional way

The experience and skills of all our employees during the whole process is also key in order to classified and the final selection for the packing.

Heat-sealed and labelled

The final step

Our process is completed after the final product is sealed using heat and pressure, and labelled, ready to be put at the customers' disposal in the shortest possible time.